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The management of I.I.C. works in Italy and abroad with a high level of quality for over 40 years in various sectors of civil, industrial and infrastructure for public and private clients. With the aim to further expand its activities is presented as an industrial group with an expertise in high profile over the years has been able to ensure a continuity of management.

The mission of I.I.C. is synthesized in the promotion, design and realization of high-quality, compatible with the environmental context of reference and customized according to specific types of clients.

I.I.C. has established business partnerships and has consolidated over time in the industry partnerships with leading companies in business and special plant infrastructure.

I.I.C. has developed, designed and implemented interventions in the field of civil engineering, industrial and infrastructure projects aimed at public institutions and private clients.
With the aim to actively contribute in enabling alternative forms of energy through specific products and services and thanks to their expertise and collaboration with leading companies, the I.I.C. aspires to design, build and operate photovoltaic, wind or hydro high quality, reliable and efficient systems to maximize the energy output.

Considering the nature of activities that fall within the scope of quality management system, I.I.C. has adopted a streamlined organizational structure, flexible and open.

The main organizational model is the most appropriate to meet the needs of:

  • Coordination and synergy of resources
  • Coordination with respect to output
  • High flexibility
  • Motivation of human resources

These elements, in fact, guarantee the company achieves its goals.

Business activities

The sectors in which the Group operates are:

  • Construction and sale of residential and commercial offices
  • Construction of hospital, school, hotels and resorts
  • Civil Infrastructure
  • Hydraulic infrastructure works and drainage of rainwater
  • Management of tourist facilities and Property management
  • Public or Private Buildings
  • Renovation Works
  • Renewable Energy
  • International Activities
International strategies

In its international business strategies, I.I.C. Group is active in foreign markets in relation to employment opportunities and economic performance. The Group has branch offices or newco of local law, which maintains its economic and operational activities in Algeria, Senegal, Gabon, Venezuela, Serbia and Poland.

Anyway, I.I.C. operates mainly abroad in the field of public and private contracts for buildings, infrastructures and plants, and the group is particularly active in Algeria, Egypt, Senegal, Gabon, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Serbia and Poland.

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IIC Group
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