Public Building

San Nico church – Corigliano Calabro (CS) – Italy

The unusual shape of this church wants to immediately evocate a ship’s prow alluding by this to the idea of a journey, a journey to fulfill.
Also the single components appeal to a vessel such as the round shaped stern, hosting the pastoral premises, and even the bell tower, reminiscent of a vessel mast, antenna or a funnel, rather than the traditional element calling the congregation by the ringing of bells.

Town hall – Rossano Calabro (CS) – Italy

The image strongly evokes the historical and environmental context: the imprint of the Ancient Greece is manifested in the way of the Agora, the open plaza where a wide staircase accesses to.
The building is as embedded in a modern acropolis, and shows, with immediate evidence, its civic function role to represent and serve the city and the citizens.
The building characteristics are streamlined by three main factors: the open floor plan centred on the volume of the joint block-level lifts, the …

Town hall – Santa Marinella (RM) – Italy

This ambitious development project was conceived around some leading concepts aiming at improving the citizen’s urban life. Concepts implemented by a well balanced creation of:
- New town hall offices gathering all public functions in a single and well-organized space;
- New public structures for the community such as an auditorium and parking spaces;
- New commercial spaces striving at boosting the local economic growth;
- A new public open space (“la piazza”) for everybody’s benefit.

Coastal Guard – Corigliano Calabro (CS) – Italy

Design and construction of the office of the Coast Guard.

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