Industrial – Hospitals – Tourist building

Residence Galeria Colòn – Puerto La Cruz – Venezuela

Skyscraper in Puerto La Cruz Venezuela.

Hotel “Grillo” – Amendolara – Italy

The hotel complex is spread linearly along the sea, and is made of two buildings connected by a covered walkway. The hotel has complied with elements typical of spontaneous Mediterranean: the white walls, the profusion of terraces overlooking the sea, the tiles on the roof. The tradition of classical architecture was drawn through the triangular pediment, which disrupts and enriches the cornice of coverage.
Of the two buildings, the taller accommodates the guest’s rooms and the reception facilities while the lower …

“S. Filippo Neri” Hospital – Rome – Italy

A radical restructuring intervention using the most advanced facilities and equipment of an entire floor, about 1500 square meters, devoted to intensive care and post operative surgery.

Ansaldo STS – Turin – Italy

Renovation works of the industrial building owned by ANSALDO STS.

Offices – Corigliano Calabro (CS) – Italy

The ‘waved’ porch covering the main entrance typifies the linear and rather simple profile of such an office building.
The working space layout is pivoting on a hallway with a double line of office rooms. A bow window shape and its carved windows surface perform the twofold goal of enlightening and characterising the volumes of meeting room on the ground floor.
Also the chromatic mix plays a role: the white porch and cornices, the yellow rose of cladding and the brown tiles …

Company owned Industrial Plant – Corigliano Calabro (CS) – Italy

The architectonically straightforward design of this shed is enriched by an attractive chromatic choice of the external panels and by a peculiar stair’s shape.

“Gattuso” Plant Industrial – Corigliano Calabro (CS) – Italy

This shed, embedding a fishery processing plant, was designed and built using prefabricated components. Large frontal panels designed so to be decreasing in height and thus giving a triangular unique shape, distinguish this plant from the other surrounding industrial structures.
Also the chromatic combination, white and blue, successfully evokes the company logo and the product worked inside, the fish, in its natural habitat, the sea.

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